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House Music legends Oscar G. & Ralph Falcon, aka Murk, Murk Boys, Deep South, Liberty City and Funky Green Dogs, are one of the most successful dance production duos in the world. For more than a decade, the pair has created hundreds of original songs and productions that have pounded over the sound systems of clubs worldwide, enticing club goers to the dance floor. The Murk sound is created with dark, pulsating tribal beats, unforgettable melodies and soulful vocals.

Early beginnings......

The members of Murk first met in Miami during grade school, and according to Oscar, many of the names they’ve used over the years while creating their music “were things from our childhood or areas in Miami. We’ve always been very proud of our Miami roots, and I think this was a simple way of including that.”

Legendary house producers (and remixers, too)......

Considered prominent house producers on a global scale, Oscar G. and Ralph Falcon got their start in the winter of 1991 when the Murk boys and Murk records first stormed onto the dance music world with their debut collaborative creation, Intruder’s “You Got Me.” It was from that moment that Murk, aka Oscar and Ralph, went on to create a string of house classics that would forever change the dance music industry. From the eternal Sound Factory classic, Liberty City’s “Some Lovin,’” to Billboard’s #1 Funky Green Dogs’ “Fired Up!,” the Murk sound has compelled the likes of Madonna, Mary J. Blige, Cher, Seal, Pet Shop Boys, Luis Miguel, Spice Girls, Donna Summer and many other major artists to merge their respective sounds together.

The toast of the American house underground during the 1990s, Cuban-American producers Oscar Gaetan and Ralph Falcon stand behind several of the decade's best house tracks, dark numbers whose soulful vocal lines and high charting position bely an acid-tinged ruggedness at odds with the candy-floss arrangements of many dance hits. Most were recorded for their Murk Recordings label -- later licensed through MCA/Tribal America -- under a variety of aliases and projects including Liberty City, Funky Green Dogs, Deep South and Coral Way Chief. Gaetan and Falcon grew up together in Miami, and though Falcon spent four of his teenage years at a Georgia military school, both discovered and began enjoying house music independently. The duo gradually entered the Miami dance scene, influenced by early domestic producers Farley Jackmaster Funk and Todd Terry as well as later British comers including A Guy Called Gerald.

After producing a single called "Tricky Jazz" for the local DSR Records, Gaetan and Falcon followed with Mission Control's "Outta Limits, which appeared on an Atlantic compilation in 1992. By that time the pair had already set up Murk Recordings and released singles as Intruder and Interceptor. Their next production was Liberty City's "Some Lovin'," a sublime piece of hypnotic mellowed-out trance recorded with singer Bebe Dozier, a family friend. The single broke them to an international audience, and the Murk boys were soon being called on to DJ around the world.

In 1993, MCA's division of Tribal America responded to the fame, licensing the Murk catalogue in total and issuing Murk: The Singles Collection. That same year, another Liberty City single, "If You Really Love Someone," became another club hit. The duo remixed Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, the Beloved and RuPaul. During 1994, both Gaetan and Falcon concentrated on label ventures of their own (Gee Man Soul and Miami Soul Records, respectively) but then came together to record a Liberty City LP. When the album came out in 1996, however, it was under yet another alias from their early Murk days, Funky Green Dogs. Get Fired Up became a crossover hit, thanks to the number one dance single "Fired Up!" and another club hit, "The Way." In 1999, the pair released a volume in the mix series United DJ's of America. [See Also: Funky Green Dogs] ~ John Bush, All Music Guide.