Vivie Ann @ PalladiumVivie-Ann


Like any respectable DJ worth their weight in vinyl, Vivie-Ann really knows how to work a room. Along with the taste-making mixes she drops nightly on dance floors across the world, the 23-year-old Montreal DJ carries a reputation for orchestrating a spectacular fusion of mischief, music and mayhem.
Glitter pranks, moustache parties and bananas that double as phone devices. Even pepperoni pizzas perfectly matched on turntables. Nothing is sacred - except the music.
Although she hides her seriousness about the industry fairly well, the girl gets down behind the booth and more recently in the studio. A six-year student of conservatory piano and a graduate of McGill University's computer science program, she has the musical education of a mathematically-inclined composer hell-bent on moving
mountains in dance music.
Her sets cover everything house with a hint of ping or pong - anything that makes hands fly in the air or bouncing to the beat with a perma-smile. She'll very likely surprise you with her choice of classics. When asked to describe her sound, Vivie-Ann rattles off the description "bump in the night with a little dynamite," a twinkle in her eye, adding that her sets could also be called "morally immoral."

With a list of star-studded gigs, appearances and guest spots under her belt, including clients like Cirque du Soleil, Budapest Love Parade and MTV Europe, she currently holds residencies at some of the most celebrated hotspots across the globe, including (but not limited to) Palladium in Acapulco, Hulala in Rome Mokai in Miami, and last year in Ibiza @ Penelope.
The former prom queen has lent her sexy blend of house music to the Fuck Me I'm Famous Party with David Guetta and Bob Sinclair, the Brahma Beer Tour, the Toronto Film Fest and an unlikely collaboration with the Metro 7 clothing line launch for Wal-Mart® that resulted in a massive amount of dirty dancing in the discount superstore's Miami Beach location.

She has also worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, but we won't bore you with the laundry list of who's who. We will tell you about her upcoming releases so you can support them. In October 2006, her first major remix release, an amped-up version of Kobbe & Austin Leed's "Bodyshaker," produced alongside witty studio partner Maher KD, was released on Peter Rauhofer's Star69 Record Label. Other releases are due out on Pure Substance and Mile End Records in early 2007. In the mean time look out for her quirky edits.

Most recently, Vivie-Ann is concentrating on a production journey with her partner, DJ Kevin Barnett for their DJ collective, 02music, and the launch of their new DJ-inclined clothing line, ADD (Addicted DJ Designs).
For Vivie-Ann, it's a natural progression. She lives for the moment when she converts yet another dance floor, another listener or another participant in this journey we call house.