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DJ, author and producer, Antoine Clamaran inflames the dance floors all over the world. His name, which has been heard for 20 years, is a symbol of talent, success and a continuously renewed vision of an irresistible and universal sound.

As a resident of Mix Club and FG DJ Radio and as a discoverer of new artists, he's splitting his time between the preparation of a new album and his live performances, which delight clubbers in Paris as well as those in Tokyo or Miami.


“I've always priviledged the dance floors activity, first of all I'm a DJ and my goal is to turn the dance floor to make the clubbers dance.”

Antoine Clamaran, producer, author, composer and DJ for more than 20 years, makes the dance floors vibrate with know-how and passion. He's been a pioneer and ambassador of the French stage and his diabolic sets meet the same success everywhere on the planet. His eclectic style with powerfull and rebellious beats of tribal sounds or filteres house keep influencing DJ's and seducing the public of the whole world. Divided between afro rhythms and disco icons of the seventies like Donna Summer, Antoine Clamaran belongs now to a restricted circle of artists enjoying international recognition. Being more dynamic and creative than ever, he continues to develop his own career goals and to manage different labels he produces.

Antoine Clamaran performs in Mix Club and offers, every week, new sets transmitted on FG DJ Radio and RTS. He's also working on future release of new maxis and .... a new album!


“What I'm proud of is that I've got to the point where I'm now without advertising myself and with respect for everyone. I will quit as soon as I stop feeling the emotion I feel before, during and after my sets.”

Noticed debuts : It's in 1982 that Antoine Clamaran starts his career of a DJ and gives his first performances with the plates from Whisky to Gogo. Having passed a few years mixing in provincial towns, in the suburbs and in some clubs in the capital, he doesn't have to wait long before he gets noticed and is offered a time slot in a local broadcast of Fun Radio. In 1990 he is invited to play in Arthur's in Geneva, considered as the nicest European club. Then he plays in Central Club, which will become Queen a couple of years later.

Enchanted Paris : He is offered his first residence in Palace in 1991 to animate the famous Gay Tea Dance every Sunday. First accompanied by Laurent Garnier and David Guetta, soon he becomes the only DJ, as the others leave the broadcast. As long as Antoine remains at the plates, this top Parisian club will not get empty, attracting almost 2000 followers at every session. It's at this time that he composes his first piece soberly called GTD with a wink at his public from Gay Tea Dance. Since 1992, after a takeover of Palace, Régine, the new owner, decides to entrust him with the music programation for the week-ends.

Antoine keeps attracting crowds and mobilizes thousands of unconditional fans, addicted from now on to his innovative and eclectic sets. In 1995, Queen, interested in the new unmissable artist of the Parisian stage, offers him the dreamed position of the DJ of Absolutely Fabulous, a party that even today, under the name of Over Kitsch, is one of the most popular clubbing activity of the capital. Having a great deal of experience and an impressive CV, Antoine Clamaran and his friend Laurent Pautrat start producing numerous pieces which will become real hits like 400 Hz, Omega, Come into the Party or Safe sex.

The king of remix: While he's mixing with Dalida's voice, he is noticed by Orlando, who considers him as a rare perl capable of realizing the remixes of his sister's songs he's been dreaming about for a long time. The album, released in 1996, meets a phenomenal success. Antoine Clamaran, the king of remix, becomes then the darling of major producers who fight for him to make him remix their stars: from Ricky martin to Dear or Alive passing by Gloria Estefan. Simultaneously, this recognition of the public is accompanied by the one of his colleagues (Calvin Stone, Charles, Schillings, David Guetta...) who court his talents. Jean-Michel Jarre himself willinvite him to participate in the project Oxygène 8.

From the French plebiscite to the international fame : Antoine animates then the broadcast eXtravadance in NRJ along with DJ Flex. In 1998, under the name of Omega, he composes his greatest commercial success, a single called Dreaming of a Better World which will be sold in over 250 000 copies and will become number one of the clubs. This hit, accompanied by two other titles, will bring Antoine three gold records. The career of Antoine, already considered as a cult artiste, takes all its international dimension after a performance during the first Winter Music Conference when he is notices by Cerrone.

An evolving sound : Signing with the American label Filtered, Antoine Clamaran involves himself in house and releases his first albums under his name. Moving away from “commercial” sounds, he creates a music in his taste, a real crossroad of influences between filtered house, disco, hard tek and funk. Working with stars like Billy Paule Williams or Blue James, singer from Basement Jaxx, he starts performing in the whole world, from New York to Tokyo, passing by Ibiza.

Today : A DJ residing at FG DJ Radio every Saturday night, a producer uniting 17 labels, an artist-reference of great names of house (Eric Morillo, Danny Rampling, Robie Rivera, Pete Tong...), Antoine is following his path with successfully. In 2002, he released the album Release Yourself, which gathers most of his productions, then – the 4 opus from Mix Inc released between 2003 qnd 2005. His new single, Let's get together, was commercialised in June last year.


“As a DJ, I'm in a good position to promotr DJ's. Only a few of us have international recognition, while lots of us are working hard to get bookings. I think those who are starting should get some support from those who are successful.”

The companies Clap Production and Pool.e.Music originate from the meeting of two talents, Antoine Clamaran, the DJ, and Laurent Pautrat, the musician. It's this symbiotic friendship that gave birth to the founding titles, like the hits from Omega and the mythical 400 Hz with its unforgettable refrain “I've got the music in me”.

CLAP Production was founded in 1996. It's a production and edition company cooperating with the biggest international disc companies. It is in charge of management and promotion of Antoine's, Laurent's and many other artists' works.

The disc company Pool.e.Music was founded in 2002 to prolongate and diversify CLAP's activities. Its catalogue addressed to DJ's keeps growing and gathers at present 17 labels issued from different trends: House, Tribal, Techno, tech-House, Latino, etc. Its place on the global vinyl market cannot be questionned with its turnout of almost 110 000 discs in 2003 and over 200 000 in 2004. The company singnsand edits numerous French DJ's like Philippe B, David Vendetta as well as international talents like Steeve Angelo, dave Armstrong, Mario Ochoa or Sucker DJ's – Funk Bomb. A prolific editor, Pool.e.Music released, only from November to December 2005, almost thirty new titles.


“I wanted to create a nice shop for DJ's and an affordable merchandising line adapted to the DJ's needs.”

Antoine Clamaran created and is now managing his own line of accessories for DJ's, mostly flightcases and DJ Bags distributed under the brand AC Accessories. He also opened in Bastille (4, rue des Taillandiers, Paris, XI) his own DJ shop dedicated to House (House, hard House, Tek House...) with a great choice of imported plaques coming from all over the world. You will also find here all the equipment a DJ may need. His products are distributed by specialised boutiques as well as by VPC.